Since 2004, social media has been booming and there is no indication of its strength waning. If for some reason you haven’t yet taken advantage of the intense growth and popularity of social media for your business, now is the time to start. Over 72 million people use Pinterest and many of them can become your customers. Businesses make money from Pinterest users and so do you. But learning and building an effective social media network takes time and hard work. As much as you have to learn what to do, you have to learn what NOT to do. Below are 12 mistakes you could be making on Pinterest. 1. Dead or broken links – Be sure to check all your posts to make sure.

The Links Are Working and Actually Lead to the Information.

you want. Sending your followers to dead or non-existent pages is a good way to lose them. 2. Ineffective images– Images are everything on Pinterest. Images without human faces are much more liked and appreciated than images with faces. You also want to have multiple colors in your images. Images with red, orange and brown are reproduced many times more than blue. You don’t want a lot of background or white space in your image. The Costa Rica Phone number less background there is, the more marks there are. Less than 30% will get the most repins. A smooth texture is repinned much more often than a rough texture.

Medium Brightness Gives the Best Result as Opposed.

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to very bright or very dark images. Details are important and paying attention to the details in your image can make all the difference. 3. Unorganized Tables- Pinterest has a great format for organizing your pins and information. Enjoy it. Separate your Pins into categories and create more boards for easier navigation. But try to keep the number of boards you have under control. If your boards are too specific and contain only a few posts, consider merging them with similar categories to create less user-friendly boards.

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